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Originally Posted by Concentric190 View Post
Seriously? I've talked with most of the interested parties in here via PM and I've told you and shown you what is going on. As I previously stated I will be making a thread talking about the entire process with all the details when everything is completed and so far things are moving along just fine.

Seriously some fucking people.
No need to get an attitidue. You are the one that promised to share all of this information, but now for some strange reason and without explanation you've gotten all secretive. So do you expect people are not going ask what is going on?

Now before going and getting your panties in a wad simply because inquiring minds want to know the after dyno results, why don't you explain why you will not share the information before Evolve gets their hands on your car and does their dyno? If it's a matter of you are waiting to post them along with Evolve's dyno that's fine, just say so and I will stand-by.

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