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Originally Posted by divisionbell77 View Post
You have zero idea about anything. They couldn't get a loan because they were not making money? When has that stopped anyone from getting a loan? They had, 'no solution?' What do you think they were presenting to Congress?

They had a restructuring plan, but needed a loan to get them there. Not one bank offered up a loan, NOT ONE. They had to then BEG the government. Go to youtube, watch them in front of Congress.

Its about CREDIT, not about PROFITS. GM and Chrysler had zero credit left. Completely, 100% maxed out credit line.

Union salaries are what did this now?

You seriously have zero clue about any of this. I mean, you're a joke.
WOW, JUST WOW. Presenting a solution to Congress???! Get back to me when they come crying for that next bail-out, I mean "loan." You haven't a clue...