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Originally Posted by robc1976 View Post
Don't see that happening, unless you damage them. BMW master teck said the same. Said he only replaces screws if they are damaged. You have to figure, these are but in with only 7-7.5 lbs of torque...only way they can really come loose is if the threads are damaged. My dealer didn't even carry them, they are included with a new valve cover and so is the gasket.

None of my bolts where painted "blue" wich indicated a replacement bolt except the ones holding the wire holder oddly enough.
Odd, according to Jason over at

me: Hi jason, can you help me out, why is the 335i Valve cover gasket set so freakin expensive? what are the part#'s included in the packaging
12:25 PM
Jason: here are the part #'s we include in our kit:

11127544369 bolts x 26

11127565286 gasket

11127548063 bolts x 3

and 11127556977 bolts x 2

me: o.O it's just odd that bolts cost that much cause the gasket itself is like 30 bucks

Jason: yeah
12:26 PM
unfortunately, that's wha tyou're going to need

to change the gasket

me: is it a requirement to replace the bolts

Jason: yes

otherwise, you'll be doing the gasket again soon