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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
I wouldn't skimp on the cost of fluids.
Its a 50k plus car new and anything you can do
to prevent major problems and breakage is worth doing.
Especially if you are DIYing . The big cost for you will
be the Auto transmission fluid and filter if you do it.
thanks, Ctuna

Yes, Im in the middle of it all now and decided to do all the fluids at once....

Stopped in at our local parts store and am getting the good stuff throughout
redline, pentosin, castrol....and yes, BMW for the transfer case!

Tranny service with filter and gasket did get price I could find was through ECS buying separate filter and gasket and sourcing fluid locally.
Castrol is roughly 8-9.00 per quart.....x 6 quarts plus the 120.00 I spent for the filter and gasket (plus the 2 jacking points the car needed!) and it does start to add up. Ill be doing a drain and fill sometime in the spring too....another 50.00.....

I will follow a more frequent drain and fill schedule so I should be good...

what do you think?