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check the wheels

check the wheels for internal warpage. I found out three of mine were warped on the inside and had to be replaced...the guy at Discount Tire called me in to personally show me...three at the dealer cost 1599 including tires, just wheels.

I had vibration at 65-73 mph. now all gone.

Good luck!


Originally Posted by Bluesun View Post
I purchased some used M3 220M style rims for my 2007 E92 335i (here is the thread). They look great, and were as advertised. I bought the tires from tire rack (265/30 and 235/35ZR-19 Sumitomo HTR Z III).

Unfortunately, starting around 35mph I get a very noticeable wobble in the steering wheel. It never completely goes away, but is less noticeable at highway speeds. The shop I had them put on at (a local european import shop) told me about the wobble, and said it was not a balancing issue (although he did not say how they knew that). His suggestion was to wait a few hundred miles and see if it evens out, but honestly after driving it a bit I don't see that happening.

I just drove it to work, and have been thinking about the best way to deal with it. Maybe I should take it to an NTB or something and have them re-balance the tires?

Any advice?