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iTrader: (2) has good price with oem parts. Esstuning doesn't state the brand

QUOTE=Bluesun;14233667]The more I think about it, there was as minor s

hake before changing the rims. Do you think moving from 17" rims with runflats to 19" staggered M3 rims (non runflats) would make the shaking more noticeable/more extreme?

My rear wheels are also rubbing really bad -- way worse than they should. And the rear of the car almost looks like it is sitting lower than it should. When you say control arms, do you think I should just replace the front and rear control arms with the TRW M3 knockoffs, and get some rear M3 subframe bushings?

The ones I was looking at are here:

Sorry to ask a suspension ish question here, but you mentioned control arms and it got me thinking about how the car squats currently. I need to stiffen up the rear to accommodate the mods anyhow, so maybe this would kill two birds with one stone?[/quote]