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**** Socal BIMMERFEST 2008 Caravan Alhambra Meet Point ****

Bimmerfest 2008 will be held on May 3 at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara.

I am offering to arrange a Bimmerfest 2008 Caravan meet point at PROMAX Motorsport parking lot in Alhambra.
If you are living in the nearby cities of Alhambra or Alhambra is on your way to Bimmerfest, please come join us.

Photo Contest: (Updated: 05/01/2008 3:14AM)

I believe this caravan will be one of the best caravan in Bimmerfest history; therefore, I have contacted some vendors and some of them were kind enough to sponsor our caravan's photo contest. In order to make this more exciting, I will not disclose the items after bimmerfest. So please stay tune for the update.
Below are the details of how to participate in this event.

1. How to sign up for this photo contest?
A: Join our caravan and make sure you have contacted me, jlspeed29 or NPDAN.

2. What do you have to do?
A: Bring a camera and take pictures of our caravan. After bimmerfest, post your pictures in this thread.

3. Is there a time limit to submit the pictures?
A: Yes. The dead line is one week from bimmerfest. After 1 week, I will post the names of the participants for vote.

4. How to win the prizes?
A: It depends on how many giveaways we have. For example: If we have 3 giveaways and there are 10 participants, people who received the top 3 votes of their pictures will get the reward respectively.

5. Who are the judges?
A: E90POST members.

6. Do we need more reward items?
A: Yes. The more the better. If you are vendor and would like to show some support, please contact me.

Items that needs to prepare before you show up at the meet point.
  • Camera
    (If you want to participate the photo contest.)
  • Walkie-talkie
    (Strongly recommend but not mandatory!! Using walkie-talkie can give the whole caravan most update status in split second. As a caravan leader, it makes things a lot easier for me if all of you keep me update of any emergency right away. Also, we will have camera cars to take some rolling shots, so using walkie-talkie is a must.)
  • Full tank of gas
    (In order to arrive on time, we won't stop to get gas so get a full tank of gas.)
  • Tire check
    (If my friend can come open the shop in the early morning, we can do a quick check up on all cars. Again, this is not confirm yet, so check it before you come.)
  • Quick Detailer
    (To remove any dead flies or dust on your car after arriving Santa Barbara.)
  • Microfiber cloth
    (I am sure you all know what we use this for.)
  • Mask tape
    (If you don't want to get rock chip on your front bumper/lip. Last year I chipped my newly painted OEM front lip so this year I am prepared.)
  • Sun block
    (It is going to hot as hell. I just got pretty bad sun burn from the Wheelpower event at Huntington Beach.)
  • Route Guide
    (Please print a copy for your reference.),0.037122&z=15

We will leave NO LATER THAN 6:20AM. If you are late, you will have to catch us on the freeway!

A) Start, Time: 5:55AM

Location: Alhambra - PROMAX Motorsport

8 Park Street
Alhambra, CA 91803


B) 1st Stop, ETA Time: 6:45AM

Location: Los Angeles - ROSS parking lot

13750 Riverside Dr.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

C) Join Up, ETA Time: 7:15AM

Location: Woodland Hills
101 North on ramp shoulder of Valley Circle Blvd. I will call jlspeed29 when we pass 405 freeway.

For details please contact: jlspeed29

D) Join Up, ETA Time: 7:30AM

Location: Thousand Oak
101 North on ramp shoulder of Ventu Park. I will call NPDAN when we pass 23 freeway.

For details please contact: NPDAN

E) Final Stop, ETA Time: 8:30AM

Location: Earl Warren Showgrounds

3400 Calle Real
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Updated: 5/02/2008 12:39AM

Start from Alhambra (15+ cars + some E36, E46 and M5)

01. Fartpimpson
02. bmwprince4life
03. jerrybajwa
04. Bimmer335i
05. hayx1989
06. dmkaldas
07. Androo000 +2 cars, maybe +5 cars
08. chng_fei
09. jwarea80
10. Psylight
11. Pacific BMW Advisor
12. E92_TT
13. 2_N54's
14. 3urger328i
15. ymeetho


Los Angeles Ross
1. jurrian @ eas (maybe +3 to 5 M3)

Woodland Hills on ramp (9 cars)

1. e92-jlspeed29
2. e46-mick
3. e46-deezey
4. e90-kevin@driveline
5. e92-kitz
6. e90-michaelkidon
7. e90-w/h kitz
8. e46- w/h kitz
9. e9x-thr33fivei

Thousand Oaks on ramp (9 cars)

2. gobo335i +1 car
3. E92phreak +1 car
4. Sk8terfox805
5. cgnahc
6. bspaceman
7. PrinceSmooth (Westlake Blvd. , near Thousand Oaks)

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