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Originally Posted by gzim335 View Post
a friend of mine replaced his turbos cuz of rattle and now the rattle is completely gone.he has cpe dps
My first n54 was a 2008 135i. Picked it up with 6 miles on it. Had AR dp in it after onl 1k miles. Prior to the DPs there was no "rattle". After the DP's there was a slight metalitc "rattle" on starts. I sold that car. Got a 335i with 70k. No rattle at 70k stock. Put some VRSF DPs (that also fit perfect with no rubbing) and there is slight "rattle" on cold starts. I am convinced this is not subframe contact. I think this is normal rattle. I'm not saying that others do not have a defective wastegate rattle, but IMHO perfect OEM turbos do have a slight rattling sound at start up with aftermarket DPs. Personally, i kinda like the sound