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Originally Posted by akotten View Post
Alright, luckily I made it home so I was able to pull the following codes.

12140/2F6C - Exhaust flapper code for Procede

10700/29CC - Multiple Cylinder Misfire

10701/29CD - Cylinder 1 Misfire

10702/29CE - Cylinder 2 Misfire

10927/2AAF - Fuel Pump Plausibility

11387/2C7B - O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response

11388/2C7C - O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response

I'm going to have someone rev it for me and see where the extra clicking noise is coming from. My guess is the HPFP...

From my personal experience, misfires only under load have been caused by worn out plugs, so as most people would be suggest is a good and relatively inexpensive starting point.

But if you get a shudder and shake that causes blinking CEL, but once you re-cycle the car it goes away, this has been faulty injectors. In my case, I had intermittent misfires in my bank 2, Cylinders 4-5-6. So I started replacing one injectors at a time, which led to more head aches. My suggestion is replace all 3 injectors in the bank that's misfiring.

Looks like you're having issues in Bank 1 with some O2 sensor codes.

so in summary:

1.) You can try moving coilpacks around to make sure they are not the issue and this is super easy and free.

2.) Change out the plugs, again pretty easy about about $75 in parts

3.) Replace all 3 injectors in the mis-firing bank, which in your case is Bank1. This is about $300-400 dollars depending where you get your injectors from.
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