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Originally Posted by Bimmer335i07 View Post
Seriously, why is it such a horrible/bad idea if I just spackle the holes and paint over them? Won't it be less noticeable than the bumper plug. With the bumper plugs, it'll be like 2 nipples on my bumper. I'm just trying to get a flush look, so that if you just glance at it, you won't know that it's there. I just figured that's what I use at home when I cover up the holes in the wall left by nails and then paint over them, why can't I do it with the bumper? Will the paint not stick? I mean if it looks like ass, then I'll get the bumper plugs. Just don't feel like making the hole bigger just to put in the bumper plugs, just in case I get too many tickets and decide to put the plates back on. The brackets will no longer fit.
because spackle isnt for a car. just get plugs at autozone or something. no1 is gonna go up to your car and be like OMG you have two lil nubs sticking out! your are not going to notice them; your car is dark trust me. just go to autozone if your cheap. the brackets will still fit btw, you just 2 larger screws. your only opening it by not even 1/2 inch...the stock ones might hold but i havent tried.