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It's not exactly a problem for me, just an enhancement.

My retrofits don't need a ZGW, so that's skipped.

I have an F25 radio panel, and "taking out" the volume knob requires desoldering the potentiometer off the PCB, which was not easy at all and I ended up basically destroying it. But at least I found out who makes the components and I'm currently trying to contact them to get information on how to make it work.

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Exact same problem I faced when considering the NBT retrofit.

Your best bet is to buy the F30 aircon control unit module (very cheap) and connect it to a ZGW in your car. ZGW is obviously connected to the NBT.

Then take out the volume / button controller from it's F30 housing, dremel a suitable mounting position into the E90 housing and enjoy.

Unfortunately, I have since sold my Beemer.