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I am a true techie. I mean true techie in every sense of the word. Not a dork or geek but a true techie. LOL. One problem that I did notice is when I play mp3 Cd's in my regular cd player on the navi it doesn't seem to display the track name and title via ID3 tag until it gets to the song. The list that you see is based on the filename initially and when it goes to a song and plays it then it lists the artists and track name. Now I know this should be doable talk about BMW being lazy in this department. I'm not sure if the DVD player does this with mp3s.

Next on the IPOD connector. IPOD's are hot and have been for the past two years but as with everything in technology this is a temporary factor. I actually like the fact that there is an aux port instead of an IPOD connector. #1 your not limited to the technology presented by an IPOD. #2 You have endless possiblities of connecting whatever devices you own.

One option that you can look at is the IPOD airclick which is a control that supposedly can be mounted onto the steering wheel now I haven't gotten this yet so I can't vouch for the whole mounting part of it. In my opinion what I see happening is the possbility of having an airclick with and lcd display that will display your artist names and track titles. You have that there is your full IPOD intergration in you bmw and any other car you have.