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Originally Posted by 335icandy View Post
What you guys fail to realize, is your system is only as good as your weakest link. Basic Audiophile knowledge 101.
WTF does that even MEAN?

That processor does a couple of things. It corrects amplitude deviations. It does not correct deviations in the time domain. It also acts as a preamp - essential in cars with dynamic equalization - not relevant here. It acts as a time-domain compensation delay processor, an equalizer, a crossover, and it does some other things not relevant here (Bluetooth input, etc). All the else last things the processor doesn't do, the guy who tunes it does.

If there are rules to system design, one of them is "Don't underspednd on speakers and try to fix it with a processor." If I were taking someone's money - wait, when I actually DO take someone's money - I bias toward the speaker drivers.

And we never would cut the dash of the car to flush mount a DRC. I see it as unneeded and unattractive. Method Sound does nice trunk work and he seems like a nice guy when I've spoken with him, I'm really surprised at this DRC.

If this car has L7, I hope it's getting signal from a DA2.

B1 is a fine processor. My issue is with the DRC, and with the statement above implying that it has magic powers.