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Review: Poorboy's World Natty's Red Paste Wax

Poorboy's World Natty's Red Paste Wax

Link to product:
Poorboy's World Natty's Red Paste Wax

Product description:
Poorboys Natty’s Red Wax is made of the same high grade carnauba as the other Natty’s waxes but it has the added benefit of a wetter gloss and easier application. All Poorboys are easy to use and never finicky, but Natty’s Red is just a little easier. The carnauba spreads more easily and gives the paint a deeper, wetter gloss. Wipe it on, buff it off and stand back to admire the paint’s glistening shine.

Poorboys Natty’s Red Wax is not the chalky carnauba paste wax of 20 years ago. It wipes on in a thin, buttery coat. Apply Natty’s Red in the sun or shade. The results always exceed your expectations.

Speaking of expectations, you wouldn’t expect this kind of shine from a $25 wax. Poorboys Natty’s Red brings out the color of your vehicle and amplifies it under a clear, liquid-looking gloss. The natural protective properties of carnauba are enhanced with added UV absorbers for dependable paint protection.

Poorboys Natty’s Red Wax looks best on a properly prepped surface. If your vehicle has swirls or oxidation, it will show through the wax coat. Carnauba wax can fill very light swirls but anything more should be polished out using Poorboys excellent Super Swirl Removers.

Poorboys Natty’s Red Wax also makes an outstanding topper. Apply your favorite paint sealant and allow it to cure. (Typically, it will set in about an hour and you can apply products on top of it.) Apply Poorboys Natty’s Red Wax over the sealant to get the long-lasting protection of a sealant and the wet gloss of a quality carnauba paste wax.

-24.99 for an 8oz pot.

Initial impressions:
-Red/pink color
-Smells like strawberry Big League Chew
-No o-ring around lid
-It's a hard paste wax

-Car was washed with Dawn and left to dwell to remove previous LSP's.
-Car was then dried dried and treated with IronX paste to remove iron embedded into clear coat.
-All exterior surfaces were clayed.
-All exterior surfaces were wiped down with 17.5% Isopropyl Alcohol to make a clean surface for the wax to bond to.

Application & removal:
Applying Natty's red could not have been more easy. To start, I went with a quarter turn in the pot with a foam applicator, but found that 1-2 full turns in the pot to prime the pad ended up being the best way to start. After that, a quarter or half turn is more than enough needed to do a whole panel. You can do 2 panels with a quarter turn if you want to be frugal, but the lubricity will die down and you will have to work harder to apply. I found that it spread the best in circular, over-lapping passes. I applied to panel 1, reloaded the applicator then when to panel 2 and applied to that panel too. I then went back to panel 1 to wipe off the residue then when to panel 3, reloaded the applicator and applied the wax, then went back to panel 2 to wipe off the residue. This was the best way to remove the wax. It came off super easy with no effort at all. If you wait any longer than that, you get spots that require a little pressure to remove. The wax actually starts to haze right as you are applying it and seems almost like it can be used as a wipe-on, wipe-off wax. The smell is great and actually fills your garage with the smell.

I can't really comment on the durability because there are too many factors involved in this. The car is going to be used for the next week and then is going to sit in the garage un-used until August. I also wash weekly and apply a spray wax after every wash so that slightly extends the durability.

I will report back on the gloss and appearance when the sun is actually out. It's been raining since monday morning.

I am very happy I got this wax. Its really easy to apply and remove. From what I could see from under my swirl light, the it really brought the metallic out. The sun should really tell me if it did whenever it stops raining. I would definitely buy it again and have no regrets that I did in the first place.

Initial amount used for 1 panel.

Goes on thin.

Amount used on the car except for the front bumper and the top of the trunk lid.

A little side note. This wax has a habit of drying up and cracking inside the pot because there is no o-ring to seal the pot up. I double zip lock bag it to prevent the wax from drying out.
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