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Natural Carnauba in a solid form is actually pretty hard. Most wax manufacturers mix in other ingredients (bees wax, paraffin wax, and other types of waxes) with the carnauba to make it more usable. The premium wax manufacturers use more carnauba by volume and the carnauba they use tend to be that of the highest grade.

Majority of the population uses way more product than needed per application. If the wax is spread thin then the curing time as well as the actual removal process is fairly fast and easy. A little goes a long way. A thick coat is just a complete waste since much of the wax will be wipe off at the removal process. The optimum approach is to layer several thin coats of wax.

I am not a wax guy but I do know that waxes are not disappearing anytime soon. They will be around as long as we have painted surfaces that need to be beautify and protected.
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