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very cool...i used the hole in the bottom of the unit where the cord holder is...the one in the pix above is approx 1 1/2" from the left edge...i broke off the cord holder - the hole underneath is rectangular and approx 4mmx6mm...i then measured the same 1 1/2" difference on the other side of the tray and used a drill to create another 4mmx6mm rectangular hole...i used a drill and then used a small hand file to make it rectangular...i then used electrical tape to tape the leds to the bottom of the tray centered in the rectangular cut outs, but with the leds toward the front of the tray holes...if you put the leds toward the front of the hole, they will shine up in between the lid and the tray...creates a nice looking backlit look...this way, i don't see little holes of light - but rather backlit...if i get a chance, i'll post some pix of the finished look...R