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Got the sunglass tray installed with the LEDs mounted on the front rather than back. One thing I noticed after the install was that the gear selector light on the auto shifter base plate remains on even after the car has been turned off and all the lights go off. Anyone else have this happen? Mine's a 2008 335 Coupe.

I even disconnected the sunglass tray LEDs from the socket to see if I messed up on connecting the brown wires together. If I disconnect the blue plug on the left side of the auto shifter, the light turns off but without that plug connected you cannot switch to DS mode.

Any ideas? I haven't seen or experienced any other problems. How long might it take for that light staying on to drain the battery?

EDIT: I've read about other BMW models that go into sleep mode after 16 mins and that's when the light goes out. I checked after 16 mins and the light's still on. Does anyone know if the time to sleep for the 07-08 s-series is also 16 mins? Could something be keeping it from going to sleep?

EDIT #2: Nevermind. solefald was kind enough to reply to my post in another forum that all BMW autos (at least the 3-series) do that. I guess I just noticed it after I walked back to the car in the dark for the first time since I picked it up Friday. A couple of the other threads confirmed this too.
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