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Get the chemical guys yellow, orange, white & blue pads & 3m 1-2-3 perfect it. Be careful with the yellow pad.
Those Chemical Guys (HexLogic) pads are not ideal, not enough cutting power (perhaps just not enough for BMW paint) and they don't hold up well. Go search some of the reviews. I did my car with the orange pad and Meguiars Ultimate and it was OK but a waste of time since it wasn't the result I was expecting. My paint is in excellent shape too. There were just superfine scratches that didn't polish out. I experimented and did a few more passes on the trunk finally getting it, but it was way too much work to get the result I wanted.
I have had really good luck with the hex logic pads. The yellow pad will burn through the clear coat if you don't watch it.

I use the porter & cable 7424xp dual action polisher. The 3m pads are pretty good too, but they aren't cheap.
Which colors of hex logic did you use? I had to put in a pretty good bit of time with the yellow and orange.
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