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Originally Posted by mccoy View Post
Nice car, love those wheels! get those brakes painted when you fit the suspension though, makes a world of difference!
I'm due to replace my brakes all round in Nov so when the new ones are ordered I might look into getting the calipers painted then :-)

Originally Posted by P 5UML View Post
looks sweet mate!!!!

maybe in the meantime before you get new wheels, get these wheels done in anthracite!

once your car is dropped and spacers with slightly darker wheels it will completely transform the look of the car!!! a cheaper way to get an aggressive road presence

the contrast would be nice speak to dips as you know he is the main for wheels!
Cheers Sumil! I'm not 100% I want new wheels tbh, definitely not this year with the summer almost over, I'll stick to these as I actually love these style alloys! About Anthractie, they do look awesome but I need to see it to judge how it wold look, so if anyone can Photshop a quick one using the above, that would be amazing!

I'm def interested in giving it a somewhat aggressive stance, should I also put spacers at the front as well as the rear? I'll be planning to head to STS next week to get that done but wanted to know what people think?

Originally Posted by yeti racing View Post

Not sure on them wheels though, the US lads seem to love them! What rims you thinking about getting then?
I def love these wheels and don't plan on binnin them off hehe. I think a drop and spacer + tint will definitely get me in the right direction to the desired look :-)

Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Leave the standard Rims, and leave them silver. They look great!

Originally Posted by Greg330 View Post
Look forward to seeing the ride height with coilovers!

LED's look great, I think I need to do the same thing to mine!
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