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Originally Posted by RickFLM4 View Post
While I agree there is no need for wheat in a dog's food or words like "by-products" in the ingredient list, I disagree with the notion there are no dry dogs foods of reasonable quality. For some dogs with food allergies (commonly chicken and beef in addition to wheat) it is difficult to find food that works for them except from the vet with an Rx and then it is rarely raw.

As far as feeding dogs a raw diet, there can be advantages but there are also risks. For example, raw food is more likely to be contaminated by salmonella or listeria, which can be harmful to the dog and the human handling it. That doesn't mean to imply there are no risks to dry food because there have been plenty of horror stories and recalls of all types of foods. It also doesn't mean I am suggesting people should avoid raw - they just need to understand potential pros and cons.

It's great that it has worked out well for OP, you and others in the thread but everyone should read up on what they feed their pets, dry, canned, raw or otherwise.
A common misconception, salmonella. It does not effect dogs. I would also never take a prescription food from a vet ever again..

Any vets here on the forum? How much time do you guys get on nutrition at Vet School? Oh, who sponsors it? (Iams, or Science diet maybe?) I got a prescription diet from my vet at the time for my golden being over weight.. Do you know what the filler is in Science diet RD is? Peanut shells, 0- nutritional value. My poor dog was starving to death while eating till he was full...

As for chicken alergies, I would venture to say the allergy issues are to the antibiotics pumped into the chickens or cows and not the animals them self. There is a possibility but typically very rarely. Even my wife and I have issues with certain chicken meat, we can't eat non fair trade or organic without issues. Pets are the same, not likely an issue with the type of meat but how it was raised, fed, what it was treated with.

I do agree, everyone should read up on what they are feeding their pets/family members.
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