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Originally Posted by Emilime75 View Post
You guys are freaking me out. I've researched this in the past and concluded the internet is full of shit(no surprise). So many biased and contradictory reports, it's nearly impossible to come up with a clear and conclusive answer as to just what we should be feeding our beloved pets.

Often the results of a bad diet for a dog is clear as the changes in their behavior is evident quickly, but not always. So, we may think we're doing them good, but they can't exactly say "Hey, asshole, this stuff is killing me", especially when they're like mine and want to eat anything and everything in sight.

Eventually wound up on and found what I think is a relatively good, dry food at a cost I can live with. NutriSource Supreme grain free, which I switch between chicken and lamb every 3 months or so. It's about $75/month for 2 Labs that average about 75lbs each. They're 12 years old and they've been on it for about 2 years now. Things seem ok, they're slowing down a bit, but I'm blaming that on age...but how does one really know?
It's not unlike diets for people. Google Paleo, or Gluten Free, or Vegan, or Low Fat, or Mediterranean, and you'll find a million people saying its the best thing on Earth and a million people saying it's total BS and will kill you. Bottom line is our bodies are all different and what works for some wont for others. Same with our dogs. It's up to us as responsible pet owners to watch our critters for signs they are thriving or signs they are not. That's about all you can do.

As for the contamination issues, there's not a lot you can do. It's a numbers game and you just cross your fingers and hope you don't get locked into a food that winds up being bad. Kinda like eating at the taco truck. It's so damn tasty, and a bit sketchy. You know the risk is there and once in a while you get bit.