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Possible starter or HPFP issue (2011 328i)

Hi all. I have a 2011 328i coupe that has been having starting issues recently (more noticeable as the weather has gotten colder). When I turn my car on, it cranks and fires up pretty much immediately, BUT it seems like the starter won't disengage. It just keeps cranking even though the engine is firing, and makes a sort of screeching noise. If I apply a bit of throttle, sometimes that will get the starter to quit cranking and screeching, but other times it continues to crank/screech for a few seconds before the car shuts off. Usually when this happens I'll try to start it again and it typically fires right up, but yesterday it took several attempts before the car finally started and the starter actually disengaged. Once the car has fired up successfully, I don't have any issues restarting later it if I'm out running errands or something like that.

I am guessing it is either the starter or the high pressure fuel pump. I replaced all spark plugs and ignition coils a few months ago so I don't think it's any of those.

Anyone have any suggestions or words of advice?
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