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O2 Sensor Removal N52

Now that the Bentley repair manual is out, it seems a bit pointless to write DIYs for repairs, since they are covered in the manual. But I have found that most repair manuals leave out the little details for the various procedures they cover, which are the things you really want to know anyway. With that in mind I decided to share a remove and replace DIY for one of the E90 N52 O2 sensors.

This DIY is for the Bank 2 Sensor 1 (the harder of the two up-stream sensors to replace). The good news here is once you get to it, it screws out of the manifold quite easily (good job BMW for using anti-seize at the factory and good exhaust manifold material - stainless steel), the bad news is getting to it.

This DIY is long, so I've made it as a MS Word file so it can be printed. As usual I didn't take any pictures (it takes too long to complete the job), but the DIY is descriptive enough that you really don't need any.
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