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Crank No Start - Fueling issue?

Ran in to an issue starting my car today. Some background, it is a track only car, it's been sitting for quite a while in the garage. The last time it ran was probably about 3 weeks ago. Full tank of gas.

First thing I checked was the battery voltage. It's 12.2 when I'm not cranking and 10.6 while the engine cranks. OEM battery that's pushing 3 years old. I will get a more thorough battery tester and see what the CCA reads but my initial impression is this is not the issue.

So I hook up MHD and read the fuel rail pressure as well as LPFP pressure.

Fuel rail pressure is ZERO (0!) LPFP pressure like, 3 psi. Obviously this seems low. The fuel pump does prime when I open the door. The fuse (Fuse 70, 20A) is not blown and I tested it on a DMM, it's good.

So I'm guessing a fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump module, or LPFP issue.

I would test for voltage at the fuel pump, but it is priming, so I'm not sure that will tell me anything new. I could also test the module, but I'm not getting any codes related to this at all.

The regulator is due for replacement anyway but I wanted to get some input before I throw parts at this.

Appreciate 0