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Originally Posted by Haywood View Post
I kept hearing people on ESPN say, "He's on the IL..." And I was like they meant "DL". So, I looked to it up. They didn't want to use the word "disabled" anymore so now it's "Injured List". WTF???!! Have we become completely so PC in this country that disabled people were offended by this??! Why don't we just change every sports team that offends people. The Minnesota Vikings - well, there's a nasty group. They raped, plundered and pillaged their way across the world. That's offensive. As much as I can't stand Dan Synder of the Redskins, at least he said FU, I'm not changing the name. It's amazing how these companies and teams cave to the minority of a small group. Ok, rant done!
Wait, what do the Vikings have to do with all of this??? Why not pick on the poor Dolphins, or Rams, heck even the Steelers. Ain't nobody steel-ing anything in Pittsburgh any more