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Originally Posted by CitizenKane View Post
Really helpful reply, thank you! I'm certainly leaning towards the M3. It seems like the chance to own one (or good n/a powered cars in general) is only going to get slimmer as time goes on. Not to mention my own ability to justify a completely impractical car before kids and mortgages and the like start to take over...

For the same reason part of me is also leaning towards an e92 M3. I originally thought this would be way out of my budget but actually pre-LCI they don't seem to be that much more than the type of e46 I'd be going for (facelift manual coupe). In fact a 2008 one would suit because the tax rules changed here in 2008 to emissions based and post-2008 M3's are about 500 quid a year more expensive to tax than pre-2008 ones.

Food for thought...

Anyone have any other experiences or thoughts on the original question?

The E92 M3 IS another level when it comes to running and servicing. Fuel economy is way worse than a 335, it prefers super unleaded, rather than normal unleaded. It likes a drop of oil and even pattern parts are very expensive, when compared to a non-M e92. I had a 335i before my M3, and thought that running costs would be similar - even though the M3 has been way more reliable (touch wood!), it' way more expensive to run.

...only saving grace was that my insurance turned out cheaper than when i drove the 335i!!