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The factory end links won't exactly disintegrate as soon as you lower the car, but by lowering the car you're changing the alignment of the sway bar with the rest of the suspension, and the lengths of the stock links are no longer ideal. This puts more stress on the links and makes your sway bars not as effective. I got the adjustable links as a proactive step to be able to line up the sway bars properly.

Also I called both Ground Control and Hotchkis and asked about lubrication for the heim joints with the boots I'm putting on them at matteblue3er's suggestion. Both of them use teflon-lined bearings so they don't need much in the way of lubrication, but Ground Control suggested synthetic high-temperature marine grease would be a good choice to put inside the boots.

My car is at my mechanic's right now having all this stuff put on.