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Originally Posted by e90Toronto View Post
How crucial is it to replace OEM endlinks? I just got coilovers about 2 weeks ago and lowered my car slightly. I am wondering because shipping to me from California plus border fees can add up quickly.

I guess my question is should I look into replacing my endlinks as soon as I lowered the car or do I have some time before they start to go?

I have 57 000 miles on the car currently and drive daily on bumpy Toronto roads.
I've been using stock end links since I installed H&R coilovers. They wear faster due to more stress. And as mentioned there is a performance down side. I've done them on other setups I just got lazy with this one.

I've been meaning to replace them with adjustable links but I want to upgrade my front sway since I have an E93 M3 bar in the back. I've just been procrastinating.....for about 50k miles