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Originally Posted by SteveMondragon View Post
Same here... but only for the angel eyes. With the same 8500k in the foglights, it looks ricey as hell and really blue looking. Doesn't match the tint/hue of the angel eyes for some reason, even though I'm using the same bulbs. But for the price, they're great for the angel eyes.

As for people saying they don't look bright, you need to look at them dead on and not at an angle (like standing in front of your car, looking down on them at a 60 degree angle). When you stand back a good 10-20 feet and look at the car as others would see it when you're driving, then the GP Thunders brighten up both rings pretty good.

I gave away my GP thunders and I'm using some LED H8s w/resistors for the color & brightness and I have on order the 3200K H8 HIDs for the fogs.
I installed GP 8500s in my fogs n it looks like shit, I thinking of going back to stock angels and fogs... Much brighter and much better matching with everything else.