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Originally Posted by Stoutnj89 View Post
Huh... U couldn't afford the M3!!!??!! JK. Just because I say it is overpriced does not mean I couldn't afford it. I went to look at a Cayman S before I bought my 1. How much is the R. If its M3 money I would buy the M3 any day of the week. And that to me would make it overpriced. I will never own a porsche. Unless it looks like this... (A friends car in the pic)

You are the biggest hypocrite on this forum. WOW.. You drive a 335i Hey by the way start looking at new performance cars that are coming out, N/A engines are not the way to go anymore. The power and MPGs you get from a turbo is great!

I was not trying to be mean.. Ps- u car looks great.

My friend had a Porsche turbo (vert) and Now he has a CL 550. The CL AMG its a TT V12 pushing over 600HP for 200K. ONE HELL OF A DEAL.. If you think thats overpriced I would hate to hear what you think a Zonda is priced at.. Thats one hell of a deal (A TT V12 GOD might as well hand over the throne to u)
I was very young when I got my 335i and I didn't have the same mindset I have now. Back then, I loved the 335i due to its easy tune ability and the huge aftermarket support in comparison to the M3 (back then there wasn't as much stuff for the M3). To say the least, it wasn't at all about the fact that I couldn't afford the M3.

The Cayman R is $66k. And I don't think it is overpriced at all. The seats, interior, engine placement, driving feel, etc are superior to the M3. And it has 2 trunks. The only reason the M3 would ever be better is if you need 4 seats IMO.

And I'm looking into the C63 coupe, 911 GT3, 911 C4S/C2S, Cayman R, and Z06 as my next car (I plan to buy next summer)... and all of them are N/A, so I don't know what you are talking about that no performance cars are N/A anymore.

Yea I still think the CL65 is overpriced. It is a BOAT. With all that power, it is relatively slow because it weighs right around 5,000 pounds (what kind of "sports"-luxury car weighs that much besides bentleys?). For that money you are in Ferrari, Bentley, and Lamborghini territory. On top of that you can get a Porsche Panamera Turbo S for $176k and it blows it out of the water performance wise with a much smaller engine. I've seen F430 Scuds for under 200k with less than 5k miles, brand new Lamborghini's and Bentley's are under 200k. I would take any of those cars over a CL65 ANY DAY. Bottom line, they are overpriced compared to cars in their segment.

AND I don't think the Zonda is overpriced at all. They are MASTERPIECES. My favorite cars. It would be really tough for me to choose between a McLaren F1 and a Zonda R, which shows how much I love Zondas.
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