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First off bitch ass,
i am not indonesian and yeah sure show up at one of our bmw meets and try to act hard. sucks to know people of your own nationality hates you more than anything. your horrible grammar gives it away. want me to compile a list of everyone you jacked and ripped off? you must be shaking right now aren't cha? the best you can say is "dont be a busy body? grow up" stfu.

Originally Posted by trancee90 View Post
ok lets wrap it up now k.make it first and last as well.

for afflictionE92: have you ever buy anythings from me?
Dtsociety:since you are indonesian as well,lets clear this mess know me?I dont know you either.have you ever bought anythings from me?never right?if so,then provide your name and items and ill take care of it for sure.

tell the "others"who bought from me,did I ever told the guy that before purchasing the kits that the kits will not 100% fittment gurantee?as long there is a car in jakarta or indonesia then there will be no problem at all.Iam still helping as well.

for those who make it worst..thnx so much for doing that.

Jamb: u did bought the kits from me and you have installed the kits and now you are asking your money. i have your car pics as well.
Uhaullball: you never bought anythings from me.Your friend did.He emailed me long time ago saying that the kits wont fit,but Ive told him DYI then he finally can installed it.and why are you asking me to refund the money??

this is just few peoples who dont like me.
I dont take peoples money?why?cause all kits are been shipped and some of the guys even charged me back via their paypal.

some of you listed me as a thief and scam.
so weird!!! the only problems is jsut the shipping methods.and Iam very sorry about that.and some of you guys believe and some are not.
thats ok.

So sorry if my english is bad or bad least I try!