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Originally Posted by Zeph View Post
I remember when the HP pumpkin was almost $5k lol... but maybe that wasn't a swap? If I can get Dinan for $3k (which has the Quaife LSD I want) then I wouldn't pay $3k for anyone else. Isn't the actual Quaife LSD like $1700? seems like with a pumpkin swap we should be able to get somebody to do it for way less than $3k?

I would like to get the AT final drive ratio though for my MT
Yes.... if you have a bolted core.... then +50 .. talk to Harold at HP.... they did mine... I was out of there for less than 3k easy for the diff

(and i'd be surprised if dinan gave core credit for a welded diff..... that'd be a miracle for all you welded guys out there... (i was welded too, but long ago i bought a low mileage bolted one off ebay.... let it sit around a year or so .. till i finally had the $$ for the quaife..))