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Originally Posted by e.n335 View Post
When you really have to care about US$ 150, after you did the contract, you should not drive a tuned 335i.


- Eugen
Hey maybe 150 dollars is not that much to you "money Bags" but its the point of the matter..Money is money regardless of the denomination or how much..Thats pretty petty of you to even say something like that especially for a guy that wants a conservative tune...If you wanted a conservative tune maybe you should of stayed with JB2 instead of such an "aggressive" tune like Procede thats not perfect for your otherwise perfect car....I don't understand how you can say something like that about $150...Shit thats money and by any means I am not poor but quite comfortable, but when you feel its "only" 150 what does that say for yourself "Pettiness"