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With all due respect the record holding stock turbo N54's both 135 & 335 shift at approximately 6K. Bigger turbos will push that shift point up with 6MT's but then there are issues with the autos at higher RPM. The shift point can vary a bit based on mods but the stock turbos are pretty much done at 6K.

If the math's 7K shift was the answer that's where they would be shifting since setting records for the vendors is money in the bank. I think these guys are smart enough if all it took to break into the 10ís was a small increase in shift points they would be quick to do it..

In this case the theoretical cannot be proven by real world performance measurements. Your results may vary but I am very lightly modified JB4 & 5" ETS FMIC running 12.5 X 114 with shift lights at 6200.

The car loses time when run to 7K. In addition to seeing the torque/horsepower fall quite clearly on dyno logs over 6K the drop in acceleration is so steep you can actually feel it in the butt dyno at the track.

Couple of old non-vendor dynos, gross power numbers are not important but the shape of the curve is because I don't think you will find a stock turbo N54 with a different shaped curve. Key to getting to the finish line fast is power under the curve.
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