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With all due respect (let's keep this friendly)...

I'm trying to reconcile the following:
- The points you made about real world performance runs
- Every road test I've seen on the 335i shifts at redline
- My analysis points to shifting at redline

Why would R&T and C&D shift at redline if it didn't yield the best result? Do they follow a standard procedure to always shift at redline? I doubt it. Don't they strive to get the best possible results?

Were the record runs you are referring to done with the stock 6AT or the stock 6MT? That could possibly explain the difference because 6AT's are geared differently that 6MT's.

It seems like you talking about 1/4 mile runs, not 0-60, correct? 1/4 mile runs would involve more shifts than just 1st to 2nd, whereas 0-60 only requires 1st to 2nd. I've only addressed 1st to 2nd. It could be that optimal shift points vary for multiple shifts so they picked a number that's less than redline because it works the best across all the shifts.

You mentioned there are issues with revving the 6AT to high RPM. Could that be why they shifted before redline - because they had to?

There's an answer here. It would be nice to find it.

By the way, my analysis is consistent with your "butt dyno" comments. I acknowledge that you can feel the drop off in torque at the high end. But I'm saying that according to the numbers, staying in the lower gearing longer should more than make up for the drop in T.

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