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No problem. The first answer is I have no idea why to magazines shift at red line or if they actually do shift at redline....never really noticed. Can you do a quick cut & paste on one talking about the shift points for the test.

I know a lot of the test data lists the speed in gears at red line but this does not say that’s where they are shifting itd just data about how its geared.

I also know based on some old C&D/R&T article on how they test that they make multiple runs doing all kinds of start & shift techniques & just publish the best runs. This is why 99% of the time stock for stock average Joes cannot equal the performance magazines achieve.

BTW I do agree that some cars might be designed to shift at red line for max performance but what I said is red line is first & foremost the do not exceed this RPM point which may or may not be the optimum shift point.

Most all stock turbo records are 6AT’s because the 6MT in the 135/335 is not all that good at drag racing but very good at track days. You are correct that the number of shifts required will effect the ET. However since gear ratios are the gear ratios your math will work equally well with 6AT, 7DCT & 6MT. Tire size (diameter) will also effect the equation because it effects the final gear ratio if not the same car to car.

Terry's car runs 0-60 in 3.0. Most of the record cars also have VBOX screens posted, these are the same units mags run. The first key to a top time is the 60 foot elapsed time which will be the same for all the cars because the 1/2 shift will come later. The other thing you need to know is that at the 1/8 mile point your car regardless of performance potential is pretty much all done piling on the MPH. Typically an average high performance car will add 22/25mph in the second half while record cars will add about 30mph. Example my car, average Joe, does 90mph at the 1/8 mile timer but only increases to 114mph at the finish.

The AT trans issue occurs in 5th gear so is not relevant in 0-60 at all or typically in the 1/4 mile. IIRC you need to be getting up around 130mph+ for the problem to rise.

Final thing I am not discounting your math I used it myself staring in 1960 as a starting point, where we disagree a bit is whether its an absolute predictor or a good tool to get you into the ball park.
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