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Very nearly at the point of putting a deposit down on the GT-R.

I was set on a M3, an easy decision BUT, specified as I'd like and I'm up at c 56k, thats 16k more than my 335i msport - and I'm not convinced of the value.

Then along comes a car that turns the rule book upside down.

0 to 60 in around 3.5s
0 to 100 in around 8.5s
Nurburgring in around 7.36mins

That betters the GT3 and turbo
Faster 0-100-0 than a corvette zo6

retail price 54k for the premium model
only 500 per year coming to the UK

So same money as M3, a full second quicker to 60, over 2 second quicker to the ton and very tasty looking IMO.

seriously tempted