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My experience of the dpf 400ml cleaner,

I have recently replaced both stats and occasionally notice the dpf regen on my car despite mainly doing local journeys.

As a precautionary measure i added this to my tank yesterday before heading off on a 100 mile journey. Immediately upon hitting the motorway in cruise control, i noticed he mpg needle swing from 50mpg to 20mpg, it stayed like this for a couple of miles before hitting 50mpg again, didnt notice anything else throughout the motorway run. All my journey the car showed min 46mpg and one point hit 50.4mpg (i have never seen these figures)

Upon exiting the motorway and driving through the local roads the car felt much more responsive and eager to rev as well as free flowing.

Today i drove local and car feels much better than before and deffo more responsive and improved mpg.

Looks like the dpf cleaner has done its work even though no light or codes were present.

Thanks for reading