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Originally Posted by wonton1017 View Post
If there are recalls that arent done, but it's still under warranty, would I be able to get the recalls done myself?

It's getting inspected as we speak, I did some minor inspections and the only problems i found were the cupholders are somewhat stuck, and the engine makes a ticking noise when I was parked with the windows opened. I went to the dealership to test drive another one with the same model year and it didn't have the ticking noise, but I asked the salesman about the ticking noise they said it is completely normal for some to have the ticking noise.

Do yourself a favor and dont listen to car salesmen when they say something's 'normal'. if you find one you like take it to an indy for 150 or something and let them go thru it with a fine tooth comb. If there are things that come up during this make sure you get in writing all the things they will fix before you take delivery. you don't want to be responsible for fixing stuff or proving there are some defects once you've bought the car even though your under warranty. Many things are considered wear and tear so you should either use them to negotiate the price or make them fix it.
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