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Originally Posted by Augster View Post
Can anyone provide more details of what the "software update" I read about that may accompany an HPFP recall replacement actually does?

I am experiencing HPFP symptoms (engine warning light past 3,500-4,000 RPMs followed by reduced power, and what sounds like the "long crank" issue at startup) but according to the dealer, my car is out of warranty.

So I'm going to have to replace the HPFP myself ($300 from online retailers) and need to know if I still have to bring the car in for this "software update." I had discussed this with my service agent and he said that "most of the time a software update is not needed." BTW, his quote if they replaced it out of warranty was $1,250.
Can someone explain why this guy is denied for the HPFP and has to do it himself? I know old news but I'm confused as to why some folks are denied when they are within the 10/100?
Also what about N55's?
or 335is models? this doesn't apply to those N54's. Too many unknowns here for me.