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Originally Posted by raptorman5174 View Post
If the bleed screw on the clutch slave cylinder is facing down it is very difficult to get all of the air out. You have to remove it from the car but still attached push the plunger down all of the way with a small c-clamp. They actually make a tool for this, and then use you power bleeder. But if you got your clutch to work I would leave it alone.
It's working and feels normal right now ... can it change?

Like I said I power bled it while having the the fluid in the tank and then it came out .. stopped .. then came out again for a consistent time.

After that I'm pretty sure I kept the bleeder on, then kept pushing my clutch pedal ... it felt retarded at first and went right down .. then i noticed it slightly was getting better. I had to pump the clutch pedal like 10+ times ... and then finally it felt like normal.

I then disconnected the power bleeder ... took out the excess fluid ... then put the OEM cap on the master cylinder.

From there I held my breath and turned my car on when it was on the jack stands to see if it would go in gear (lol it was pretty nerve racking)..

But then it went into gear no problem tires spun, brakes worked.

Then I drove for a good 15 minute drive and all seems normal.