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Originally Posted by Kooshi3 View Post
Posting this in the track forum to hopefully get some traction from you guys pushing the the n54 out on the track for some additional clarity.

I recently was able to find an incredible deal on a Dinan oil cooler set up which is a mod (oil cooler not specifically Dinan) that Iíve been wanting to do for sometime now, both to improve engine health/longevity and avoid limp mode when pushing the vehicle.

Before I go ahead and put in the oil cooler, I had a question about the use of a thermostat that lowers the temperature in which the oil cooler kicks in and at what temperature is the ideal engagement.

Do I just install the upgraded oil cooler and call it a day, or consider a thermostat that brings the oil temperature at which it is engaged lower? If so, what would be the ideal temperature to do this at 180? Or 210?

Setups that delete the thermostat engagement completely and delay the warming of the vehicle from the start are out of the question as this will put unnecessary wear on the motor if I donít have the time to sit an extended period of time (more than I usually do) to allow the vehicle to warm up on that given day.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You In Advance
I wouldnt worry too much about getting a lower temp thermostat unless you do a lot of tracking.