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Originally Posted by pjr710 View Post
because it was a smart thing to do if you are a precautious person. the bleeder works without having to fill up the motive tank. you have to keep checking the master cylinder but thats it.

some other advantages are that you wouldn't have to clean it.

i saw lots of people have leaking brake fluid, and tops pop off ... enough to make me crawl before i run with it.
The Motive instructions say to attach the brake reservoir cap fitting to the reservoir, then dry-pressure test the connection to make sure the fitting is correctly installed on the reservoir (i.e. the pressure in the pressure vessel does not drop off). Once the cap fitting is verified to be installed correctly and leak free, then open the pressure vessel, bleed off the pressure, and add the brake fluid to the pressure vessel. Use only 18 PSI. This precautionary pre-step avoids making a mess. The whole point of filling the pressure vessel is to avoid having to check the master reservoir level (like when you are under the car bleeding the clutch). It takes only 5 minutes to clean the power bleeder with denatured alcohol.

Writing that all from memory. If I can remember it, it MUST be an easy procedure to follow . The first time I used mine I did find it is easy to mis-thread the cap fitting. One has to be diligent when installing the fitting. I bought the aluminum fittings rather than the plastic fittings. I'd think the plastic fittings would thread easier, but that's just a guess.
A manual transmission can be set to "comfort", "sport", and "track" modes simply by the technique and speed at which you shift it; it doesn't need "modes", modes are for manumatics that try to behave like a real 3-pedal manual transmission. If you can money-shift it, it's a manual transmission.