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Not too sure. All they could tell me at the dealership is that it's a spun rod bearing and they weren't sure if they would even be able to figure out what the root cause was. The car has been well maintained prior to my purchase, and I've taken great care of it since I've owned it. I've driven it hard a few times, but nothing that it shouldn't be able to handle, no redlining or flooring it. I've read a lot of threads on the problem and it seems to be somewhat common, not super common, but common enough that there are multiple threads on the topic. I knew this was a potential issue prior to purchasing the car, and that played a big role in me getting the extended warranty.
You never brought it to redline or floored it why not

On a sidenote, I am also curious, have you did OFHG recently as Pladi suggests?
OFHG hasn't been replaced recently, or at all.