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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
You're now describing the old Group X nomenclature from the 70's but with open wheel cars. Weights, displacements, loopholes and general insanity. It was great racing but I don't think they'll ever turn the clock back in that fashion.
Those were the crazy days of international racing.

I like my pseudo formula because it leaves the tweaking to the team, limits costs, limits complexity on the drivetrain side, and would be reasonably safe.

I almost forgot...bring back the Tire Wars!!!
Yep - exactly!

I know it would never be reality - but I loved the insanity of it.

Personally, I don't really care about reigning in costs for F1, as it is supposed to be the pinnacle. I know the ramifications of this, but again, I really am an anti-rule guy.

Tire wars for the win - spec tires are terrible. I would love to see various cars fielding different tire brands.
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