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Originally Posted by mithiral67 View Post
Ok, quick run down. I have the dyno charts, but no camera atm.

Stats - all considering overboost

Stock - 480 hp and 505tq - note that all 911 turbo engines are engine dynoed at the factory and any engines outside of 101%-105% of spec power dont go into a car.
Stock power expected after exhaust - 498 hp and 521 tq.

Dynojet numbers
Stock - 415 hp and 438 tq for an estimated 15.8% drive train loss.
Tuned - 501 hp and 618 tq for an estimated crank value of 595 hp and 734 tq.

The following is the deltas for awhp betwen stock and tuned.

3500 rpms - 110 whp delta
4000 rpms - 120 whp delta
4500 rpms - 130 whp delta
5000 rpms - 120 whp delta
5500 rpms - 80 whp delta
6000 rpms - 60 whp delta

Based on that, you can really see that these turbos get winded up top when maxed out. Hence the next level is upgraded turboes to go the next 50-100 hp.

Driving, its obviously faster, but its honestly hard to sense. I just know now I am traction limited by my tires. First and second could hurt for traction stock and now I have added third. I did some pulls on my phone before and after to register the Gs i was pulling.

Stock - 1st gear and 2nd gear were pulling about .9 Gs and 3rd pulled .57g.
Tuned - All three gears were low .93ish. No room to do any 4th gear pulls.

Its grossly fast and I think I might have meet my need for speed. Anything with more power would just add to higher and higher gears at speed I just dont use on the street.

Ams was amazing to work with. They tested the $300 filter upgrades that everyone goes with on the forums with a tune, showed zero gains so they didnt sell them to me. Classly company.

Ok, i need to get some emails for work before I hit the sack.
wow thats a great upgrade in power, now I want a ride lol
Sat in a 911 996 turbo and kinda was like dam maybe i should get one LOL