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well. Rocco is perfectly fine with the situation, he names his price and I pay. If he said no to me of bringing in my own oil & filter, then he could simply refused me right on the spot. I had done the change from his shop a few times already and no complaints from him at all. If Rocco wants to charge me $30 - $40 for the labor, I am fine also. At the end, I still save a bit of money. Is that wrong ?

I don't see what I do for a living has to do with this thread's topic ? I wonder.

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So the oil is about $40, labor is $25 and filter is??? How much are you saving after to travel all over the place to pick everything up? Not to mention its insulting to RMP. I would never do the labor only if I were RMP. Everyone has to make money. What do you do for a living?