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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
you assumed that the Healthcare we have now is the greatest possible,
Show me where I have assumed that. I contend that it is not the purvue of the federal government to do anything about it. The federal government needs to shrink to a manageable size and take care of it's constitutional obligations without usurping the rights of the states and the individual.
Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
and like you assumed that my 1st grader was receiving equally good education that a 1st grader in an Eastern European country is receiving...
Where have I ever made that assumption? Our public school system is awful and needs to be abolished. Fortunately it is not much of the business of the federal government, even today. We need to shut down the Department of Education and get our own states to make better decisions.
Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
And like you and Ganeil for example assume that Europe and the US has seen same gas prices increases -- hidden by the dollar value....
We're sinking, they are NOT.
I don't think I have commented on gas prices in other countries or the value of the dollar.
Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
From BO camp, I (remaining middle class + low class) only see positive things in all aspects... It may all be a BS, but at least gives us some hope.
My hope is not in government, but could be enhanced by less government.
Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
From McCain, unfortunately, I see a bunch of depressing things...with a few positives here and there.
I may be able to agree with you on this statement, though most of the specific points were we to list them would likely be reversed.
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