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Originally Posted by ab987 View Post
I would first verify that it is indeed the motor, pull the belt off and see if it goes away.

If you do verify it is the motor and really want to endeavor, the mounting points will be the same, they never changed the subframe. So it will fit in the car. What are your plans for a turbo? Of course you'll probably have to use an n55 turbo because there is only one oil/coolant feed and oil drain, and the DME is also different (MEVD70 vs MSD80/81) so prepare to find one of those. If you can verify that the new ECU will be able to communicate with some of the older modules (which it probably can), and you really want to do it, I think it'll work (get an e9x n55 if you wanna be safe). Don't expect everything to go smoothly though, you may find small incompatibilities.

But in my opinion if you want an N55, it will be much easier and probably cheaper to part out this car or sell it, and buy an N55 car. That's what I would do. Or find a used N54 from car-part or the likes and throw it in.
Thanks for the input. I have found both an n55 and an n54 for sale in my area. I was leaning towards the n55 just for the reliability. I'll definitely pull the serpentine belt this week and try that. Thanks for your input
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