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Originally Posted by Captain Buumer View Post
alternator or starter.
Alternator charges the battery.
Battery provides electricity to starter.
Starter cranks the engine.

So if your battery charge is over 12.5V and it cranks weak/slow then it is quite obviously a weak starter.

cleared all them, and they never showed up again
Since I rewired those frayed wires, I never got any codes besides the throttle code
Which one is it then?

Also fix the throttle valve before doing any other investments. It could the root cause if slow crank is intermittent and not persistent.

The throttle valve chokes the intake air to ensure that the increased exhaust-gas temperatures required for regeneration of the particulate filter are reached. The throttle valve is closed while the engine is being shut down; this reduces shaking of the engine during the shutdown.
The throttle code hasn't shown up either anymore. It only showed up when I tried to retune it to have higher idle, which went away in like 4 days. It happened two other times when retuning also.
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